Thursday, October 18, 2018
Travel - Fort Collins to Moab via "the slow route".

Fort Collins to Moab
444 Miles
9h 40m

The plan is for a long weekend in Moab where I'll meet up with two other Jeeps. My plan is to take the long road to get there - lesser traveled state highway two-lanes vs the Interstates. From entering the Poudre Canyon northwest of Fort Collins to getting on the Interstate west of Grand Junction, aside from rolling through the scant few towns (Walden, Steamboat Springs, Craig), I probably encountered 30 vehicles. Traffic was scarce which was wonderful.

Fuel full before leaving town, I filled at Steamboat and Rangely. I topped off just before getting on I-70 not knowing if I'd make the next gas station in Utah (I would have - there is fuel at Thompson).

Rolling into Rangely was deep dusk and rolling out was dark. If I was on the road one to two hours earlier I'd enjoy the sights of Douglas Pass south of Rangely. As it was - full dark with wet, salted roads at the freeze point. Nicely, of no issue (I was in no rush to get to Moab).

Heading up highway 14 - the Cache La Poudre Canyon.

The hard rock tunnel.

Up to Cameron Pass - good snow - a first view for the season for me.

If you notice the horizontal cut on the mountainside - that's the Michigan Ditch. It pulls water from Lake Agnes and routes it to Fort Collins.

Steamboat Springs

Heading west from Steamboat

Further - perhaps west of Craig - open space with scant human activity.

To my south, a large cloud likely raining on the folks traveling I-70 to Moab.

Nearing Rangely

Dropping south from US-40 headed to Rangely. The private, not connected to the national rail system, electric rail line that shuttles coal from the mine in Colorado with a power plant in Utah.

A nice cloud with to reflect some setting rays

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