Sunday, October 21, 2018
Top of the World, Castle Valley to Gateway CO, travel to Fort Collins

Top Of The World, Castle Valley to Gateway, travel to Fort Collins
433 miles
16h 10m

Brian and family are looking to visit Arches. James and I will travel to the Top of the World trail and then we'll split with me taking the Castle to Gateway route back to Colorado.

Rain spitt'n

A rainbow just try'n to peek

MmmmMmmmMmmm - UT-128 - a nice road.

Streaks of rain

Nearing the Dewey Bridge area for the turn to Top Of The World

James left his tow vehicle at the UT-128 parking area. We aired down and drove the ~5 miles on county gravel to the trailhead. The trail wasn't overly difficult until the remaining 1/4 of the trail then the "steps" became taller.

The goal for the trail - the cliff overlook / overhang. Neither James or I will get too close.

This will be THE LAST TIME that my sticky gas pedal will give me issues!!!!


Fantastic cell coverage here. Just below the horizon is I-70 - about 18 miles away

Heading down / North from the overlook.


Off of the trail and out to county gravel heading to the river.

Back at the parking area by the river. James will head home via UT-128 up to I-70 east. I'll drop south on UT-128 for the Castle Valley and head east to Gateway via gravel / dirt to check out a little used road.

(Click for a much larger size - if you wish to read the signs)

Dewey Bridge - a sad reminder

From this south end we don't see the Colorado River. I'll drive up to the north end for a view of the water.

The Dewey Bridge at the North end.

We're back at the north end gravel pull-out for the Dewey Bridge. Perhaps 20 minutes and five miles has gone by. James headed out and is many miles up the highway towards I-70. From when we finished airing up tires and saying good bye I have driven from the south side of the river to the north side viewing area and had driven back south, pulled out at the campground on the west side of the road to tend my seat belt. From there I pulled out of that lot and was heading down UT-128. Back at road speed I started an equipment check. The cell phone was not found. I had pulled over at a roadside pullout for a more complete check - no phone. OK - trackback. I vaguely recalled having the phone in my hand when airing up. Perhaps I set it on a front fender. I somewhat expected to see some black phone in bits on the asphalt (though traffic today was quite lite). No phone. Pull into the west side pull out where I tended the seat belt - no phone. Back to the air-up spot - no phone. Getting nervous - will the phone be gone?!?! Out from the air-up gravel to the north Dewey Bridge pull-out - is that it?!?!  See next pic...

One iPhone 7 in an Otterbox Defender case. The bulky case did what it was designed to do!

Perfect function and no scrach on the screen (plastic shield from the Defender case removed and replaced with glass overlay protection).

No case scratch to cause concern. Pfew!

Click for a larger size

We're now heading east in the Castle Valley.

There are many homes in the valley.

On the western end, heading up in elevation, we came across a rancher moving cattle down.

Up higher, looking west down into the valley and the road I just came up.

North of the La Sal's looking south.

Different trees

Fisher Valley overlook

Click for a larger size

Some sections of road had mud-ruts from traffic traveling it in the wet. I don't think I'd go this way if the soil was saturated.

One of the mud runs

Starting the drop down to Gateway

More open range cattle

A nice valley

The Palisade
Gateway Colorado

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