Thursday, October 10, 2019
Moab 2019

Today will be new-to-me trails (heck, the whole trip will be new-to-me trails). Fins-n-Things is a popular trail. Secret Spire, Dellenbaugh Tunnel, Rainbow Terrace will round out the day as easier trails with more scenery. I'll have a passenger as Trent's family needed another seat.

While Moab UT is under blue sky, it is also a bit cool. A cold front rolled in last evening and it left Fort Collins with two or three inches of wet snow.

It's nice to have blue sky while on the trip but cool night temps concern me - I'm tent camping and I don't have experience with 25 to 35F night temps. I brought many warm clothes and blankets - I hope I'll be comfortable.  (in the end, I was completely comfortable - I'm good with freezing temps tent camping)

The first obstacle on Fins-n-Things - a step. It was sandy on the low side and the high side. I didn't think any of us would make it up but a couple of us did.


Trent and family

Nate & James

This trail is a first for Nate and he wished to get a good look at what he was getting into with his truck.

This obstacle took me three tries. It looked easy (and it is) but the first two attempts were't as I wanted so I stopped and backed down for another attempt. Backing down caught my passenger by surprise - it's not common - and on a short item - why look backwards - you know where you were just at.

A different slope up

On the slick rock with two-track-black makes for easy "follow the trail" riding.

Not many trails offer cell service but this does. We're at the end of Fins-n-things and I'm talking with folks in Illinois - a problematic HP 1300 with an "all-lights-on" status message. This will be end of life for the device. I like this office even though the seat is a bit bumpy.

Done with Fins and we're heading to the remaining trails for the day - Secret Spire, Dellenbaugh Tunnel, Rainbow Terrace. Much of what we'll have for trails will be easy to moderate.

Secret Spire

Trent & Nate

Dellenbaugh Tunnel

The exit from the tunnel presented us with a nice canyon view.

Off to find Rainbow Terrace

Trent and family with Udi and Madi

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