Jan, Luke's agent (left), with the owner.
Note the propane lamp on the post (right side of pic) - fuel supply pipe comes up from the floor.

Upstairs loft / master (only) bedroom

Upstairs washroom

Main floor washroom

Note the solar panels.  The only utility to this house is telephone.  The house is wired for both 12v DC and 110v AC - brown outlets are one type and white ones are the other.  Aside from the color, yes, you could plug a 12v item into the 110v outlet - frying the item and exposing you to the 110v source (as 12v items aren't wired to the same safety level as 110v AC items).

The solar panels charge a 12v battery bank.  If you need to run a 12v item - you plug it into the 12v outlet and it uses direct battery power.  If you need to use a 110v AC item an inverter converts the 12v DC to 110v AC.  When it's cloudy or the solar panels can't otherwise keep up with the demand an external, gasoline or propane powered generator runs to supply either 110v AC for the load or 12v DC to charge the batteries.

Who could live without  TV?  Satellite access is already connected.

View from the Kitchen window.

"The Neighbors"  - this is all you can see of their house - just a part of the roof poking above the tree tops.